Athletic Dominatrix sit on face

This beautiful, dark-haired dominatrix loves facesitting, mounting her slave both forward and backward until she finds which position gets her off the most

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Catty Heaven Punishes Pervert with Facesitting

-Catty Heaven simply wants to enjoy her erotic workout, keeping her flawless body in perfect shape. Instead, she has to deal with some pervert watching her stretch that sexy body, and she’s not about to stand for that. The athletic goddess punishes him with some facesitting, figuring that if he wants to stare at her ass, he might as well enjoy it up-close. Removing her tight workout shorts, she then plants her pussy on his mouth and doesn’t let up, the facesitting ensuring that he licks her pussy to as many orgasms as she desires. Catty Heaven’s toned ass grinds on his face and her thighs lock around him, further keeping the guy from moving away. After a while, she’s moaning loudly in pleasure as she nears orgasm, which only causes her to put more of her weight on his face, mashing her pussy lewdly against him and making it hard to breathe!

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Amazing Olga showing her facesitting skills

Olga is always willing to try something new when it comes to having sex and this time she is going to introduce her new lover to face sitting. The poor dude is not even aware of what she has prepared for him and that is why it is even more interesting to watch these facesitting videos. He is ready to use his tongue and lick her pussy. That is something he has already done before but this time Olga is going to sit on his face and that is something completely different. It is hard for him to breathe and the fact that she is completely in control is making her even hornier. All this sexy blonde chick wants is to make him beg her for mercy during the femdom facesitting action while she is moaning…

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Erica loves to play femdom facesitting games

Erica’s new boyfriend is a little bit kinky and he asked her to sit on his face and start moving her hips really fast. This blonde honey was a little bit shy in the beginning but after a couple of minutes she realized that face sitting is making her really horny and as soon as he started feeling her large natural tits, her cunt got even wetter. She was more than ready to have hardcore sex but she had to wait for a while because her boyfriend wanted to do something he saw in some of the facesitting videos. The fact that he is totally helpless and that there is nothing he can do is making his cock rock hard and ready for the cum blast. This face sitting action is one of a kind and it is a must see!

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Great facesitting with beautiful blonde Aleska

Aleska is wearing her new pink bikini but there is something else which is also new about this babe, and that is her love for face sitting. As soon as she watched some of the most popular facesitting videos on the internet, this babe wanted to see how it is like when a guy is using his long tongue to make her cum while she is sitting on his face and shaking her hips in all directions. It is amazing how tight and round her booty is and that is what makes this babe so popular lately. Her nipples are rock hard and that is because she totally loves femdom facesitting. A cute piercing in her navel is making her look even more attractive and those are some of the reasons why everyone wants to see her in action.

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